Saturday, November 27, 2010

i got tagged :D

So ive just got tagged by a lovely Meera :D Tagged meaning i have to answer a series of questions. I was so happy to be tagged so thx Meera. To see Meera's questions go to her blog- I hope you enjoy my answers and dont get bored of them too quickly. Please look at my past post as there is some really pretty photos from a tumblr you cant ignore.

Why did you create your blog?
I created this blog to fill spare time..but now im obsessed with it! i love writing and i was inspiring to be a journalist so i decided to write what i thought and gain writing skills. As it turns out, writing was hard to do daily so i tried to think of other things i could do for my blog. I have this folder which contains fashion photos that i love so i decided to post a few photos to see the response... and thats how my blog started.

2. What kind of blogs do you follow?
I follow blogs that i love, its that simple. I follow blogs that have great fashion sense, pictures that i envy, interesting stories, travelling experiences or creative idea that id like to do. :D
3. Favorite make-up brand?
Im only 13-14 and my school does not allow make-up so i rarely get to use it :( i dont know any high fashion make-up or even the best to use but i do enjoy my Loreal paris foundation stick and powder. It gives a clean finish to your face and people do not know that your wearing it. Its perfect for school as long as it matches your skin tone and you can get away with having foundation to hide those embarrasing pimples ;)
4. Favorite clothing brands?
I love high fashion brands like Gucci, Christian Dior, Manolo Blahnik and anything else like that ( i cant remember all the ones i treasure). But unfortunately i cant afford any of those clothes that cost the price of a new car so i stick to basic brand namess. I love minkpink too :D

5. Your indispensable make-up product?
Definitely foundation.
6. Your favorite color?
 I love colours, its what makes life interesting :D I love all colours if they are in a vintage  shade as i dont really like bold bright colours. One of my favourite colours is peach.
7.  Your perfume?
I dont really have many perfumes but i love Chanel or anything to do with Sarah Jessica Parker :D
8. Your favorite film?
I cant choose a particular movie. Ive seen to many and loved to many.  But my style is comedy romance. I hate scary or horror films as i have a good memory and wont forget anything or sleep for the next 5 years. :)
9. What country would you like to visit and why?
Well i cant wait to travel! Im obsessed with the world and whats out their. Im with Meera in wanting to go to Greece because of the picture perfect scenery but the two places i would truely want to go is New York and Paris. Most movies i love are created in New York and the huge american style pizzas and chinese food i cant wait to eat. So  New York it just seems like a place you have to go! I also cant wait to go to Paris. The elegance Paris is suppose to have would be a unbelieve experience. The french food is another thing to go to for and i will try a snail ;) Plus both places have famous landmarks.
10. Write your own question!
Which famous person do you inspire too for fashion sense?
I am in love with Sarah Jessica Parker. :D Her fashion is amazing and her figure and pull off anything.
(The first person i call for fashion help is my friend 'Yulia'. Our styles are the same and is the perfect person to shop with.)

In honour of Meera id like to show off her blog pictures, have a Moment with Meera:

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Friday, November 26, 2010

picture perfect :D

From tumblr -- -- nobodys perfect, but you... --  Anna Giulia

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dust Fall

Nature is automatically beautiful....

Photographer: Jeffrey david luker

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Monday, November 1, 2010

Elenita :O

I love this blog. The photography is great and beautiful.

and my favourite