Thursday, September 30, 2010


You are:
- normal weight

You got to a fast food joint and you order lots to eat. If you see a large women walk by eating the same thing. You automatically judge that women. How is that fair? You dont know anything about this women. She could be on a strick diet but has been straining herself for weeks and derserves a treat.


Monday, September 20, 2010

the art of distraction.

When people are young, they don't need a particular electronic system to make themselves happy. All a person needs is a distraction of time. Time happens every second of the day and if you are focused on the time passing by, your most likely to be bored. Getting a distraction of time will improve your happiness. If you give a dog a bone he/she wont just be sitting or sleeping they will be enjoying a delightful gift. If you give a child a toy, she/he will play for hours focusing there attention on a single toy. Its all the same concept. Except when your so busy and you have no time, you treasure every second you can muster up. Enjoy the time you have, you'll never have it again.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


hello anyone,

 I wish to become a journalist and i think i need to get used to writing so i have made a blog. I hope at least one visitor reads my blog so i dont feel like a loner. In my blog im going to talk about EVERYTHING i like. I like reading, movies, facebook, photography and most of all travel. I love lots of other stuff but i cant remember. I mostly like love/comedy books, tv series and movies, like desperate housewives, ugly betty, packed to the rafters, the devil wears prada and confessions of a shopaholic. Im a basic teenage girl with some unique twists. Hope you like my first post.