Saturday, October 23, 2010

a birds love for twigs

Who loves twiggy, I love twiggy, We love twiggy.
You cant say that you love fashion if you dont know who twiggy is. Twiggy is a famous fashion icon in the 60s and was known for her boyish haircut and as skinny as a twig. She was internationally known as the first supermodel,  won two Golden globe awards for acting in 'the boyfriend',  won silver discs, two chart albums and hit singles for singing, was a tv presenter, gave support towards breast cancer and was a anti-fur campaigner. 
What a life!
(pictures taken from google)


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  2. Love Twiggy. She revolutionized the fashion world at the time, and that's pretty impressive.

  3. Anyone brave enough to step outside the norm should be admired. Luckily for Twiggy as she was always in the spotlight, she remained fairly slim (hey who wants to be a twig forever!) and never had to change her name to 'Trunk'

  4. Stunning. Timeless beauty. Love this post.


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